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"The Good Life Cleaning Co. took over our janitorial services after an in-house employee quit. We were glad to have an outside company handle the cleaning of our dealership. The service they provide is effortless for us. 

They furnish the tools and supplies needed to do the job. The employees clean the facility after-hours. So, when we arrive in the morning, the area is spotless and we are ready to do business."

Mike Carr

Co-Owner/Manager, Chuck Spaeth Ford, Sleepy Eye, MN

"We are so glad The Good Life Cleaning Co. has provided cleaning services for the City Office. Having a clean workspace increases productivity for us and reflects to the community that good care is given to all areas of our city building."

Amy Vogel

City Clerk, City of Springfield MN

"My husband got me a service for Christmas. They came while we were on vacation. Wonderful to come home to a clean house! Now I can think about the busy work week ahead and not cleaning my house! Thanks so much Michelle!!"

Betsy Saffert

Residential Cleaning Customer

Joel Little

"I never have to worry about the cleaning of our kitchen after our monthly American Legion Steak Fry. The cleaners show up faithfully every month and our grills, floors, and countertops are cleaned perfectly and are ready for the next use."

Manager, American Legion, Springfield MN

Yes, You Are Buying Happiness

But, don't take my word for it.


They say money can't buy happiness. Well, it turns out that is not exactly true. Recent research suggests that when people spend money on things that buy them TIME and not more "stuff", their level of happiness increases. 


That's no surprise to us at The Good Life Cleaning Company. You're a busy person. Wouldn't you love to come home to cleanliness, beauty, and order? Of course, you would!


At The Good Life, we take pride in creating that experience for you each and every time we visit your home. If you're looking for a cleaning company that is effortless, stress-free, and satisfaction guaranteed, look no more. Join The Good Life, where you can stop cleaning and start living. 


Read the happiness research article from NPR:


A cleaning company: 

How to set it & forget it!

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The Good Life Cleaning Company provides commercial & residential cleaning services in the Springfield, MN and surrounding areas. You can also find us all over social media. Hope to see you there! 

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