This opportunity is NOT for you if:

  • You’re a criminal, on drugs, or just a plain old pain in the bum

  • You can’t work some (not all) enchanted evenings

  • You don’t have reliable transportation, insurance, and all the adult type stuff (yawn.)

  • You change jobs more than you change your underwear

  • You get weak in the knees about background checks

  • You like to kick puppies


Still here? Excited? We need to talk! We have a LIMITED number of cleaning positions available exclusively for the people described above! Click the button below to fill out the application NOW.


Does your hard work go unnoticed?

Are you ready to be RECOGNIZED for busting your butt?

Job Title: Cleaning Nerd

This job opportunity is for you if:

  • You adore creating “awe”some things

  • You want to help people (it’s your favorite!)

  • You want to change the world (in a good way) and be someone’s hero

  • You love cleaning ALL. THE. THINGS.


If those words don’t lather your soap, move onto the next ad. If it’s speaking your language, read on, my new bestie!

Most businesses struggle to find a quality cleaning service that is reliable. At The Good Life Cleaning Co. our superior & dependable service puts your mind at ease. When we take care of the cleaning, you can focus on what you do best - running a successful business.

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