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DAY 3 - You can see Clearly now the Drips are Gone

Updated: Jan 21

Get sparkling glass with no drips! If you've never tried Sprayway Glass Cleaner, what are you waiting for? Kristin shows us how easy it is to get great results.

Love Green Cleaning? Try this recipe:

1 cup Hot water 1 cup Rubbing alcohol 4 tbsp.

Cornstarch 40 drops

Lemon essential oil

20 drops Orange essential oil

17 oz. Spray bottle

1. Pour water into a measuring cup. 2. Add rubbing alcohol to the measuring cup. 3. Add cornstarch to the water and rubbing alcohol in the measuring cup. Using a whisk, mix the ingredients until they are combined well. 4. Add lemon essential oil and orange essential oil. 5. Stir the mixture again with a whisk. Shake before each use.

* Recipe from Kimberly Button of

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